A Score that Really Matters: Your Credit Score

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Before lenders decide to give you a loan, they must know if you're willing and able to repay that loan. To figure out your ability to pay back the loan, they assess your debt-to-income ratio. To assess your willingness to repay, they use your credit score.

The most commonly used credit scores are FICO scores, which were developed by Fair Isaac & Company, Inc. The FICO score ranges from 350 (very high risk) to 850 (low risk). We've written a lot more about FICO here.

Credit scores only assess the information contained in your credit reports. They don't consider income or personal characteristics. Fair Isaac invented FICO specifically to exclude demographic factors like these. Credit scoring was developed to assess a borrower's willingness to repay the loan while specifically excluding any other demographic factors.

Your current debt load, past late payments, length of your credit history, and other factors are considered. Your score considers positive and negative items in your credit report. Late payments count against you, but a consistent record of paying on time will improve it.

To get a credit score, borrowers must have an active credit account with six months of payment history. This payment history ensures that there is sufficient information in your credit to generate a score. If you don't meet the minimum criteria for getting a score, you might need to establish a credit history prior to applying for a mortgage.

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